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Cary Corporate Lawyer

Successful businesses have legal affairs that they shouldn’t try to handle without the services of a trusted corporate attorney.

business lawyer and corporate attorney in ChicagoBusiness Law Group, LLC has a top-notch Cary corporate lawyer who can facilitate the smooth legal processes of any business type. We can offer essential legal advice on matters such as starting, expanding, or ending a business entity; hiring, contracting, managing, maintaining, or discharging employees; as well as complying with laws on wages, labor practices, employment health, and social benefits, and anti-discrimination in the workplace.

Indeed, the presence of a corporate lawyer in any type of business entity is vital, considering that there are many legal affairs that affect the progress and health of a business. These affairs can include the following:

1. Defending your legal ownership status and interests
2. Dealing with partners, LLC members, co-owners, and shareholders
3. Protecting clients, properties, and trade and business secrets
4. Maintaining a discrimination-free and productive work environment
5. Prohibiting fraud and misconduct in the workplace
6. Creating and enforcing employment agreements and service contracts
7. Addressing conflicts in the workplace
8. Establishing clear client agreements
9. Arranging proper compensation for work and services

To maintain the legal soundness of your business when it comes to these issues, you will need more than a basic attorney. You need a Cary corporate lawyer that you can trust with all your interests, information, and progress. Business Law Group, LLC provides that for you.

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Experienced in All Facets of Commercial Law

legal research and discussionFrom starting a business to all the legal advice that you will need to maintain the progress of your business, Business Law Group, LLC has the experience and expertise for every corporate law situation that you may come across. We are ready to help you draft, complete, and manage all the legal documents that a business needs to be established, operated, or terminated.

We can also handle all types of corporate-related legal disputes and their respective litigation processes as necessary between employees, shareholders, owners, clients, and external parties. From breaches of contracts and agreements to state and federal requirements for annual business operations, expansion, or any other corporate activity, we are fully equipped to manage all legal issues for your business with guaranteed expertise and professionalism.

Business & Commercial Litigation

medical practice lawyerThe results of any type of litigation case cannot be controlled. On the other hand, the most experienced and dedicated lawyers are able to put your case in the best light in court. Business Law Group, LLC has extensive experience in various types of corporate litigation cases and are ready to put our experience to work for you.

Business Law Group, LLC has represented owners, employees, and shareholders and settled disputes between them. In terms of internal litigation, we have experience in successfully managing conflicts inside the company that arises from issues such as breaches in contracts, breaches in shareholder, operation, and partnership agreements, breaches of fiduciary duties, breaches of employment agreements, oppression of minority shareholders, and employee protection. Rest assured that whatever litigation case you find yourself facing, we will pour all our resources and expertise into reaching the best possible outcome for you.

Entity Formation

If you’re a start-up business looking for a top Cary corporate lawyer to help you straighten out all the legal affairs you have to deal with, you’re in the right place. Establishing the type of business that you will found is vital to the future and success of the company. Whether you plan to be a corporation, partnership, single proprietorship, or any business type, the decision will have legal implications, state and federal requirements, liability concerns, and finance and taxation issues. We can help you find the best business type for you as well as attend to every legal detail that you need to understand to form your business entity.

Governance documents

As you build your business, there will be a lot of paperwork concerning the operation of your company. You will need a corporate law expert to help you draft, polish, file, and secure your company’s by-laws, shareholder and partnership agreements, employment agreements and contracts, operation codes and agreements, service and product contracts, and other important documents, depending on the field of your business. We have experience creating all types of corporate legal documents, making sure that your company stands on a sound legal foundation.

Corporate compliance

We also manage all your legal compliance needs. There are many state and federal laws that govern the establishment, operation, and activities of business entities. An example is the Illinois Secretary of State’s annual filing requirements. We will manage your filings, ensure that they are filed on time and that all details are properly accounted for. All your corporate compliance documents, records, certifications, licenses, and other documentation requirements for your business activities can be flawlessly handled by our firm.

Employment issues

We can help you comply with employment laws, solve internal employment conflicts, and manage employee productivity, protection, and operations through legal mechanisms. From drafting employee handbooks, contracts, and agreements, to handling employee anti-discrimination and wage laws, our experience in the field of corporate employment issues is extensive, and we are sure we can handle whatever employment law matter you have.

Contract issues

Contracts are present in most business activities, from the ground up with employment contracts, operational agreements, stakeholder or partnership agreements, and service and client contracts to the everyday actions of a company with business deals, transactions, expansion efforts, and corporate partnerships. We are here to draft and polish your contracts, ensuring they properly serve your interests and follow legal regulations. We will also help you understand and screen contracts that you need to sign for your business, ensuring that they are fair to your interests and have no possible loopholes that can hurt your business. We have extensive experience negotiating with other parties for our client companies, so our firm can easily handle everything you need for your contracts.

General counsel

Aside from contracts, employment management, corporate documents, or litigation cases, we are also ready to provide you with our best legal advice and services for whatever corporate needs you may have. It is normal for businesses to encounter a situation wherein they don’t fully understand the legal repercussions of their next actions. As your Cary corporate lawyer, Ryan Van Osdol is ready to provide his expert legal counsel that is backed by years of experience in countless corporate environments and hundreds of small- to large-scale client companies. We know how to help you choose the best legal options for your business no matter what issue you’re facing.

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Untitled design 19 1 e1621357018320 Cary Corporate LawyerCorporate legal affairs must be handled by highly competent and extensively experienced lawyers to avoid heavy repercussions to your business. Business Law Group, LLC can provide a top-notch Cary corporate lawyer who can handle all your corporate law needs. We are here to protect your interests in any corporate documentation, litigation, contract drafting and signing, and employee management issue that may come your way.

Rest assured that Business Law Group, LLC will provide you with the highest quality of corporate law services.

Call Business Law Group, LLC today at 847-443-5677 for your Free Consultation with a Cary Corporate Lawyer!