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Waukegan Employment Law Attorney

Your employment status affects many important aspects of your life, such as lifestyle, financial capability, assets, properties, health, insurance, retirement situation, and future.

It pays to have a workplace that properly serves your work and well-being. Whether youโ€™re an employee, a manager, an executive, a partner, or a small-business owner, having an effective and healthy workspace is as vital as your income and benefits.

If you need any help with employment matters, protecting your rights, securing your due wages and benefits, or even litigating your case, Business Law Group, LLC offers an excellent Waukegan employment law attorney for you.

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Changes to Employment Norms

employment law changesIn the past, when employer-employee conflicts arose, it was often dealt with in a simple personal conversation. Either the employee would acquiesce to the employer’s wishes or leave to find another job.

In modern times, employment situations have become more complex as laws that protect the rights and welfare of employees in the country have become more prominent. To have a fair chance in protecting your interests as an employer, you deserve a trusted Waukegan employment law attorney who can have a competent grasp on employment contracts that treat both the employer and the employee reasonably.

Defending Your Employee Rights

reviewing employment disagreement attorneyIn any institution or business you work for, there is a good chance that you will have to face issues that are not friendly to your rights as an employee. You may need to assert your rights over a contract or defend yourself against an allegation that may affect your employment.

It is vital for you to have knowledge of how laws relating to employment have changed through the years and how civil rights laws, human resource departments, and general employment environments have transformed with the advancement of technology.

So whether you work for the government, a non-profit organization, a corporation, a small business, or a contractor, it pays to have a competent Waukegan employment law attorney who can work for your interests as an employee.

Legal Issues Impacting Employers & Employees

research and legal discussionEmployers, business owners, and partners aim to have a good workplace environment for their employees because this can translate into productivity, efficiency, and, therefore, profit. They are also interested in maintaining a respectful relationship with their employees, ensuring that no codes or contracts involving authority, information, or property, are violated.

On the other hand, the interests of employees are equally important. As an employee, you want to have a safe, fair, and healthy workplace free from discrimination and workplace abuse. Ryan Van Osdol of Business Law Group, LLC is a highly experienced and competent Waukegan employment law attorney.

Business Law Group, LLC has experience representing both employers and employees. We have helped those who have charged and have been charged with allegations of workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, misconduct, wage law violations, information privacy, safety law violations, health law violations, and other similar cases. We are here to support employees and employers who seek a fair workplace system that does not tolerate any form of discrimination against people based on disability, sex, race, or sexual orientation.

Federal Employee Rights

Federal employees have the reputation that they have immunity from termination. People tend to think that federal employees have the ideal workspace free from minority discrimination and whistleblower reprisal.

C57I6655 300x200 Waukegan Employment Law AttorneyWhile itโ€™s factual that federal employees have certain legal protections that private employees donโ€™t have, they also face a very complicated administrative system for complaints. It can be very difficult for federal employees to resolve their grievances with their institutions.

Federal employees are not immune to workplace harassment, discrimination, denial of deserved promotions or salary increases, wrongful termination, or whistleblower reprisal. They still deserve competent legal help that can fix the wrong in their workplace.

But the main problem is the complex system that federal employees have to go through in order to pursue a workplace complaint successfully. But these complaints can be the difference between an abusive workplace system and a functional, healthy one.

Current and Former Members of the Armed Forces

military legal support

Even with all the institutional privileges given to people who serve in the U.S. Armed Forces, they are still vulnerable to unfair practices and discrimination in the workplace. As fewer people work for the military each year, those who attempt to return to their civilian lives can find themselves disadvantaged in maintaining their new careers and securing employment.

We aim to help current and former members of the Armed Forces have a better chance of upholding their rights to protection against discrimination and maltreatment in the employment environment, whether in federal or private organizations.

Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act

uniformed services employment actThe federal rights of uniformed service members and the responsibilities of their civilian employers are upheld in the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA). It states the following rights:

1. Right to reemployment in the same or similar position in the workforce after leaving oneโ€™s civilian job to work in the military.
2. Right to be free from discrimination based on military history.
3. Right to elect to continue existing employer-based health care coverage for you and your dependents for up to 24 months while in the military if you leave your job for military service.
4. Right to the same level of employment advancement opportunities as those of people without military history.
5. Right to not be punished in terms of seniority or job position due to military service.
6. Right to enforce these rights without discrimination, retaliation, or reprisal based on military history.

If you think you are experiencing any sort of discrimination or hostility in the workplace due to your military history, you deserve to have your legal rights protected by a competent Waukegan employment law attorney. Business Law Group, LLC is here to help.

Experienced Employee Advocates

Business Law Group, LLC is a top law firm with significant experienced in protecting the legal rights of employees from all types of institutions, whether federal government, local government, private, law enforcement, or non-government. We are dedicated to helping employees from all walks of life get rid of discrimination, harassment, and unfair treatment in the workplace.

We can help you in the following legal areas:

1. Adverse action and discipline matters
2. Internal investigations
3. Fitness for duty examinations
4. Security clearance issues
5. Giglio-type cases
6. Harassment (including sexual harassment)
7. Whistleblower claims
8. Retaliation and reprisal
9. Discrimination based on race, sex, familial status, marital status, age, ethnicity, military history, national origin, or disability

Private Sector Employment Rights

private sector employee rightsBusiness Law Group, LLC is ready to fight for the rights of employees in the private sector who face mistreatment in the workplace, such as discrimination, retaliation, reprisal, wrongful discharge, hostile working environments, and the like. We are experts in federal laws that protect the rights of these employees.

We also work with federal law enforcement personnel, specialized positions such as attorneys and supervisory personnel, senior federal employees, and those with security clearances.

Protecting Employees with Physical & Mental Impairments

employment law age discrimination

Our firm also works with medical professionals to help people with medical impairments, especially if the workplace itself has conditions that worsened the employeesโ€™ physical, emotional, psychological, and psychiatric conditions.

We aim to assist in preserving the professional position of these employees, arranging accommodations for necessary temporary transfers, and managing reassignment or retirement deals if necessary.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

sexual harrassment unlawful terminationThe law protects employees of all institutions and businesses against any form of sexual harassment in the workplace, including sexual innuendos, stereotyping, or direct demands of sexual activity.

We are ready to handle your case professionally and compassionately paying appropriate respect to anonymity, sensitive information, privacy, and the psychological well-being of our clients.

Substance Abuse, Alcoholism, & Addiction

We are also ready to legally assist employees suffering from alcohol or substance dependencies. Rest assured that we will employ fairness, concern, sensitivity, and our utmost professionalism in such cases.

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Untitled design 19 1 e1621357018320 Waukegan Employment Law AttorneyIf you are an employee working for any type of institution and you think youโ€™re facing unfair business practices, employer discrimination, maltreatment, or a hostile work environment, the employment law professionals at Business Law Group, LLC can help.

If youโ€™re an employer who wishes to create good, functional, and effective work tools and environments for your business, Business Law Group, LLC is ready to assist you.

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