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Are you looking for a Chicago patent attorney to manage your patent applications? Business Law Group, LLC is here for you. We can even manage all the patent maintenance and patent extension processes for you. If you’re worried about rival companies attempting a patent infringement, we have you covered. Our years of experience in corporate law and business litigation are all you need to guarantee the protection of your patent rights.

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With the U.S. receiving over 500,000 patent applications a year and millions already approved, having expert legal resources to back your patent application is vital. Ryan Van Osdol of Business Law Group, LLC is a stellar Chicago patent attorney who can provide all your legal needs. Our law firm has been in the industry for many years, handling corporate litigation cases, drafting contracts, defending against breaches, dealing with employment issues, ensuring corporate compliance, and so much more. We are confident in our ability to provide the highest level of legal assistance that our clients need. Call us today and let us prove how we’re the best option you have for your patent goals.

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Understanding Patents

business contract negotiationA patent is the exclusive legal ownership of a design, an invention, or technology useful to humankind. It is a form of incorporeal right, which is a non-physical yet legally enforceable right. Companies or individuals who own a patent over a certain product or idea must disclose the details of their invention for identification purposes so others will know that their invention is not available to use without permission. Patents can also cover new ideas, designs, and technologies that serve as improvements to old ones.

Patents allow companies or individuals to continue developing their ideas and products without the threat of intellectual theft. With a patent, no other company would be allowed to take a business’ ideas for its production and sales purposes.

There are three types of patents available in the United States:

Utility Patents

Utility patents are also called patents for inventions. This patent covers new or improved, valuable inventions, processes, machines, technologies, or certain substances. More than 90 percent of patents are under utility patents. Utility patents last for 20 years as long as the maintenance fees are paid regularly.

Design Patents

Design patents cover new useful functional designs of manufactured products. They last for 15 years. Design patents do not have maintenance fees.

Plant Patents

Plant patents cover the discovery and invention of new plant varieties capable of reproduction. They last for 20 years with no maintenance fees.

Registering for a Patent

Patents are registered with, approved by, and managed by the Department of Commerce – United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Patents under the USPTO are only enforceable inside U.S. territories. International patents are worked out with other countries.

With millions of patents already recorded in the U.S., it is vital to check the official USPTO database first to make sure your invention hasn’t been made yet by someone else. To successfully apply for a patent, you must ready the necessary documents, including clear, accurate designs or blueprints, as well as the methodologies of how to create the technology or product. You must be able to provide documents like sketches, descriptions, and other important information regarding the invention. The new design, idea, or plant must be original or a clear improvement of an existing unit.

How a Patent Attorney Can Help

C57I6655 300x200 Chicago Patent AttorneyA Chicago patent attorney can help you from start to finish, from analyzing patent laws and existing patents up through all the maintenance work and legal protection that your patent will need in the future. As a type of intellectual property, patents are prone to infringement, especially in wide-scale industries such as pharmaceuticals or computer technology. You will need a patent attorney who will be familiar with your product in order to effectively protect your patent rights when the need arises.

Business Law Group, LLC is here to offer a stellar Chicago patent attorney who can assist you in all your corporate legal needs. We are a leading patent law firm that has been working in corporate law for many years. We have extensive experience in entity formation, corporate compliance with federal and state laws, employee management, and even business litigation. We can help you effectively present your patent to the proper authorities and settle all the requirements to secure your patent. Even if you find yourself facing infringement from a third party, we are ready to fight for your interests, even if it means settling the dispute in court.

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Untitled design 19 1 e1621357018320 Chicago Patent AttorneyWe are ready to pour all our resources into serving your legal needs—from managing your paperwork for patent applications to representing you in court to win a litigation case against patent infringement. So if you are interested in our services, we are more than happy to prove our credentials and share previous successful cases to you. We want you to be confident that we are the best choice for all your legal needs. Ryan Van Osdol is your Chicago patent attorney.

Call Business Law Group, LLC today at 847-443-5677 for your Free Consultation with a Chicago Patent Attorney!