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Chicago Probate Lawyer

After the tragedy of a person’s death comes the inevitable task for their loved ones: to take care of their material belongings according to sound reason and respect. This task requires legal expertise that you can get from a Chicago probate lawyer that you can trust.

C57I6655 300x200 Chicago Probate LawyerBusiness Law Group, LLC is a top legal firm dedicated to helping you manage the important things left behind by the people you love. From real estate to vehicles and funds, we are here to help you settle all the legal matters of your deceased loved one’s assets. Whether or not they have left a legal admissible will or not, we can help you find the closure you deserve in the aspect of the law.

The probate legal process can be very technical and demanding, as it involves the thorough assessment, identification, and distribution of a deceased person’s assets to the proper receivers, heirs, and beneficiaries. We are here to significantly smoothen the process for you. Even if conflicts arise from people with different interests, we are here to maintain our utmost professionalism and apply the same effectiveness in our work to finish the job properly.

If you are the heir, beneficiary, or personal representative of a deceased person, you are expected to have a working understanding of state probate laws. As technical as any law, probate law is our firm’s expertise, and we can help you understand it and settle all issues that you may encounter.

If you’re interested in our services, let’s begin our partnership with a free consultation. We are eager to hear all about your stories and needs, proving that we are the Chicago probate lawyer that you deserve.

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Testate and Intestate Situations

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In probate situations, a deceased person can either have a will or not. If there is a will, the person is legally referred to as a testator. Typically, testators assign a personal representative, a person who is in charge of actualizing the will’s contents. The law sets rules on important parts of a probate process, such as the validity of a will or when should a probate proceed. Business Law Group, LLC has specialists in Chicago probate laws who can help you go through all the legal impediments of this highly technical process.

For testate cases, our attorneys are here to help you assess the testator’s legal and financial documents, such as wills and trusts. We will ensure that these documents are legally valid, that no signature and approval of the documents were forcibly initiated. All ideal steps that a personal representative must take can be recommended by our experts, especially if conflicts with other parties enter the equation.

On the other hand, if the deceased person did not own a will, the legal process of distributing their assets will be considered an intestate process. The law provides different rules for intestate cases. These cases are typically more time-consuming and labor-intensive as assets must be established and heirs must be identified. The assets of an intestate case won’t be passed on to heirs upon death if no one has initiated the process from the location of the deceased passing or their assets. So in such cases, it is vital to have a knowledgeable Chicago probate lawyer to handle the challenging legal processes well.

Duties of Chicago Probate Attorneys

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Probate proceedings tend to take a lot of time and monetary resources due to their highly technical and complicated nature. What makes them harder is when family disputes enter the scene or if the deceased has left significant amounts of debt. As the law requires, legal representation is needed to represent and support a personal representative throughout the probate process. Business Law Group, LLC can provide you with a highly qualified Chicago probate lawyer who can help you with the following areas:


Assets, which may come in many forms, including insurance, accounts, or property, must be properly identified, quantified, and distributed to the right beneficiaries. Some are easy to handle as their details are readily available. But there are assets that information about their location, amount, of intended beneficiaries are absent, like life insurance or retirement plan proceeds. Our lawyers are experts in these types of issues with probate cases. We can help with all the paperwork and analyze the proper identification and distribution of these assets. We can even help you find out the value of certain types of assets after debts or unpaid taxes have been settled.


Finances in a probate case typically revolved around taxes and debts owed by or to the decedent. In some cases, either a debt settlement must be accomplished, or a notice of death must be properly filed to creditors. On the other hand, if the decedent has left receivables, the attorney must work with the personal representative to collect and transfer these funds to the right accounts.


Business Law Group, LLC ’s lawyers are experts in handling adversarial proceedings, which are lawsuit cases involving beneficiaries who disagree in how a decedent’s assets must be distributed. Our attorneys are competent litigators who have extensive experience in probate disputes with hundreds of successful cases in the past. We look at cases objectively and provide our professional perspective and decision according to the rule of law.

Ancillary Proceedings

An ancillary proceeding is a special probate process that is demanded if the decedent has properties located in another state. It poses different challenges to the heirs and beneficiaries because the assets involved in ancillary proceedings are governed by the laws of the state where they are located, not the decedent’s original state of residence. Our lawyers are capable of handling the identification, location, evaluation, and distribution of these assets no matter what state they are located in.

Best Chicago Probate Attorneys

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At Business Law Group, LLC, we firmly believe that, as each life is profoundly unique, so is each probate case that we encounter. In our years of experience in the field, we have experience in almost every kind of probate case, from the testate to intestate cases and from the easiest to the most complex ones. We guarantee that the Chicago probate lawyer you will get from our firm is highly competent, trained, and passionate in helping you settle your probate case.

We understand that handling the remnants of a life, especially in the legal aspect, is a tough situation to face emotionally. We hold each case with deep importance, ensuring that we offer the highest level of legal assistance in each step of the process. We are here to protect the memory and rights of your loved ones as well as honorably distribute their assets and properties.

As a leading legal firm in the state, Business Law Group, LLC has the trust of many previous clients. We have been working with dedication and passion for helping people resolve conflicts over assets, settle financial issues, and bring closure to the most important material possessions. Rest assured that every private information regarding your probate case will be kept confidential.

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fallback 4 e1617743094219 300x242 Chicago Probate LawyerBusiness Law Group, LLC is here to provide every legal help that you need for your probate case. With a competent Chicago probate lawyer by your side, you will have the best possible outcome regarding the assets of your decedent. There are cases wherein you won’t need the full set of probate legal services, such as when the deceased has been found to have no remaining assets. With a consultation with a Chicago probate lawyer from our firm, you will know the best next step you can take for your probate case.

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