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Canva Justice Law Hammer 300x205 Chicago Trademark AttorneyTrademarks, if anything, define a company. The most successful businesses in existence would’ve never reached their current status without a legally protected trademark that effectively represents, establishes, and sets apart their product from the rest. It pays to have a good, working legal shield around your trademark. This enables your product or service to maintain its uniqueness and exclusivity. You need to establish that you are the only one who can deliver your product or service.

Business Law Group, LLC can provide you with the best Chicago trademark attorney. We have years of experience handling the full spectrum of corporate legal needs, from trademarks and patents to employee management and business litigation services. We are dedicated to helping you protect your business interests and secure your trademark in your industry.

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Understanding Trademarks

Trademarks make up perhaps the largest chunk of most companies’ branding, identity, and, ultimately, its success. They are typically the most easily recognized symbol, insignia, or text of a certain company that establishes the difference of its product from other brands. They communicate a specific company’s ownership of a certain product. Trademarks can also refer to service marks, which identify the source of a particular service instead of a product.

weighing benefits scales of justiceThe reason why trademarks are valued, legally protected, and even bought is that they confirm that a specific product came from a certain company. Whatever the company assures its consumers in terms of the quality of their products, a trademark reassures it. This is why trademarks are considered intellectual property whether or not they are officially registered.

Activities that use another company’s trademark without permission can be a case for legal action, especially if the activity generates profit or the product and service between the two companies are similar. Even marks that are arguably similar or can be confused with an existing trademark are grounds for lawsuits.

If you want to register a trademark or legally assert your company’s trademark after finding out that a third party is using it, Business Law Group, LLC has the perfect Chicago trademark attorney for you. We can help you assess the facts of the case, negotiate with the other party, and even pursue litigation if necessary and recover any lost profits in the process.

Registering Your Trademark

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) manages all trademark registrations in the United States. Trademarks that are registered are visually recognized with the ® symbol. The law allows trademarks to maintain their validity without expiration under certain conditions. The company must regularly produce and sell their products under their trademark consistently for the trademark to be legally recognized. On the other hand, trademarks can still be valid even without being registered. Unregistered trademarks, also known as “common law trademarks,” are identified with the ™ symbol.

Registered and unregistered trademarks both perform their function well, which is to distinguish a company’s product from the rest. It is also cheaper to run a company without having to pay for registration regularly. However, registering a trademark has certain legal advantages.

First, registered trademarks have the benefit of national presence and international protection. Unregistered trademarks only have the legal edge as far as their advertising, branches, product consumption, and consumer base can reach. But registered trademarks can be protected if you have trademark conflicts with companies from other states or other countries under the system of the World Intellectual Property Organization. You will also have leverage if you ever face trademark infringement, especially if your trademark registered has been valid for five years and above. Our registered date could be used as solid evidence of infringement in litigation situations if it occurred before the infringer’s use of the trademark.

How a Trademark Attorney Can Help

legal research and discussionA good Chicago trademark attorney can handle every legal need you have regarding your trademark. Business Law Group, LLC can help you handle the paperwork involved in registering your trademark from the first registration until the next one. Having a trademark attorney for your business will also benefit you long term should you face trademark infringement threats. Your attorney will already be familiar with the relevant information regarding your trademark and will have an easier time defending your case in a litigation scenario.

Business Law Group, LLC is a leading law firm that specializes in corporate legal assistance. We have years of experience handling various corporate needs, including entity formation, employee management, corporate compliance to federal and state laws and business regulations, contract breaches, and even business litigation cases. We are dedicated to providing the best corporate legal help to each of our partners. We want to build a long-term relationship with our clients, so you can trust the quality of our work.

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Untitled design 19 1 e1621357018320 Chicago Trademark AttorneyIf you need a proven corporate lawyer to handle your trademark needs, from registration to necessary litigation for infringement, Business Law Group, LLC can provide the best Chicago trademark attorney for you.

If you are interested in our trademark services or any of our other business law services, call us immediately so we can talk about your legal needs and figure out if we’re the right partner for your business.

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