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Elburn Small Business Law Firm

Corporations with hundreds of employees are not the only ones who need good, trusted legal services. At Business Law Group, LLC, we welcome small businesses who are as dedicated as we are in finding the best ways to progress as a company. We are ready to dedicate our legal services to your cause, no matter how early you are in your business journey.

business lawyer and corporate attorney in ChicagoNo matter what legal service we do for your company, we expend our full set of resources to ensure we get the best possible results for you. We offer a whole range of corporate legal services, including advising you on entity formation, handling your governance documents, ensuring you pass all corporate compliance requirements, handling any employment issues, managing your contracts, and providing business litigation services.

We are a highly experienced and competent law firm composed of committed legal professionals. We believe that the support of a Elburn small business law firm is essential to maintaining the progress and sound legal standing of a small-scale business. Issues arise no matter what size a business is. So for all your legal needs, Business Law Group, LLC is your best option.

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Expertise in All Types of Business Law

Business Law Group, LLC has experience in virtually all types of business law. From employee, contract, or corporate entity issues to simple legal compliance with state and federal laws, we are here to help you make your business run smoothly with respect to the law. Here are some of the business law matters that we can help you with:

Entity Formation

business attorney Washington DC corporate lawyerIf you’re just starting up your business, there are a lot of legal concerns that we can help you with. You have to make sure that you choose the right type of business entity you want for your company. Each type has its legal implications that we can help you understand, including taxation considerations, liability concerns, business type, and the number of owners. We are experienced in helping start-up businesses reach a sound legal position, so you can trust our firm that we will provide you with all the tools you need to make the best legal decision for your company.

Governance documents

We can also help you straighten out all the legal documents needed in a functional company. We can help you draft and polish your operating agreements, by-laws, shareholder’s agreements, or partnership agreements, depending on your business type. Even if you’re a small business, it is vital to have a strong legal foundation for your business.

Corporate compliance

Our services also include helping you comply with all state and federal legal rules in maintaining a business entity. For example, we can serve as your official agent for your Illinois Secretary of State’s annual filing requirements, ensuring that all annual reports are polished and filed on time. We can also take charge of managing your corporate record books and other important business documents.

Employment issues

We can also help you manage the legal affairs surrounding your employees. You may not have hundreds of workers, but we believe that your company still deserves a competent attorney who can make sure you have a good handle on employment laws and regulations. We will help you draft functional employee handbooks, address legal employment affairs, and comply with anti-discrimination, wage, and employment rights laws.

Contract issues

Even small businesses need legally enforceable contracts in their business affairs. If you need to draft contracts for you employment, partnerships, clientele, or services, or if you need to protect your business in existing contracts, we can help. We are here to fight for your interests in all business contracts you hold whenever the need arises.

Business litigation

One of the most important parts of business law is litigation, and we can deliver this service to you at the highest quality possible. We have experience in a very wide range of litigation areas, including employee issues, breaches of contracts and agreements, and other typical issues surrounding businesses. We have experience in representing business clients in both the prosecution against a third party and the defense of the business’s interests. Whether your issue is an internal or external affair, we are ready to protect the interests and progress of your business in the best ways we can.

Top-Notch Legal Services for Small Businesses

business contract negotiationRest assured that Business Law Group, LLC’s legal professionals execute the same sharpness, thoroughness, professionalism, work ethic, and compassion for both large and small-scale businesses. We believe you deserve the same quality of legal services regardless of the size of your building or the number of your employees.

Additionally, most small-business legal affairs are typically less complex than those of large-scale businesses because they have fewer variables to consider. So you can expect that we can provide you with a considerably more focused service package. From managing your legal papers to protecting your interests in any litigation process you face, we are your Elburn small business law firm.

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Untitled design 19 1 e1621357018320 Elburn Small Business Law FirmIf you are a small-scale business that has legal needs, Business Law Group, LLC is your Elburn small business law firm. We have handled hundreds of cases of large- and small-scale corporate clients. So we know how to best help your company when it comes to all types of legal issues that businesses face.

From internal employee wage contracts to external business dispute litigation processes, we are here to help you focus on the progress of your business and nothing else. Business Law Group, LLC is your Elburn small business law firm.

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